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Sharing great life stories

There is a great thrill that comes with the telling of a great story. Great life stories have the power to inspire and enthral. It only requires a journalist to listen carefully, ask thoughtful questions and then to present that story faithfully, simply and clearly, to readers.

Tim Dixon, as a writer, editor and designer, has spent a lifetime writing, editing and presenting great life stories.

He has published interviews with iconic West Country figures such as Harry Patch, pictured here by photographer Len Copland, the ‘Last Fighting Tommy’ to survive the First World War, and Michael Eavis, the Somerset dairy farmer who founded the world-famous Glastonbury Festival. Tim also secured the first interview with David Laws MP, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, after he sensationally resigned in May 2010 in the wake of the Westminster expenses scandal.

These skills can work for the story you need to tell. Tim can conduct research, carry out interviews, write, edit and revise copy to suit any purpose, providing the content for media press releases that news desks can’t resist, company and charity newsletters and magazines, club journals, community newspapers and promotional free sheets. He will arrange high-quality professional photography to enhance your message and create impact. He will bring the content together and display it to brilliant effect in visually attractive pages. And he will work directly with printers to see the finished product safely off the press.

Newscraft also offers a service to families who want to record for future generations the life stories of their forebears. Tim has researched and written the war stories of his grandfathers, both of whom served on the Western Front in the First World War. Their time in active service, put into the context of the broader conflict, is a lasting record for their descendants to treasure for ever.

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