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South London Press

The South London Press has an illustrious back story. It has been a powerful, authoritative and fearless champion of London communities south of the Thames for more than 150 years.

One of the tasks implicit in the title’s redesign, which I worked on in June and July, 2016, was to find a way to restore some of that thunder. The paper had a talented team of journalists who made the project fun and rewarding. Production editor Charlie Stong, sports editor Richard Cawley and chief reporter Toby Porter played a pivotal role, as did Joe Manez, whose flair for design and indefatigable good humour gave the process energy when creative spirits were flagging!

I didn’t seek to be too adventurous with the typography, sticking with a small family of condensed Helvetica headlines and headers and using the tried and tested Nimrod for the body type.

Pictured below are, from the left, two trial front page designs, which were rejected, and two inside pages – for the leader column, readers’ letters and travel – which made it into the finished product. The new South London Press was relaunched on Friday, July 22. The front page of the relaunch issue is pictured right.