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14th April 2018

An asset for Honiton and a boost for local journalism

As the financial challenges faced by many local newspapers these days clearly illustrate, it is not easy to make a print newspaper viable – but it is most definitely possible. And I hope the paper for Honiton will prove that.

But I believe we must find a different way to fund the paper if we are going to have a sustainable future serving the town and surrounding villages.

That means three important things need to happen.

1 – the community must feel the newspaper is of value to them – a community asset

2 – everyone should be invited to be more closely involved in the running of their newspaper, enjoying greater access to it, helping to write it, produce it, check and verify it, distribute it and promote it. People should feel they own their local title and that it is working for their benefit

3 – readers should be prepared to pay a modest amount for their newspaper. Local print advertising alone is unlikely to sustain a title – and why should it be expected to on its own? That seems to place an unfair burden on local businesses. At the paper for Honiton we are confident in the quality of our journalism. We believe it brings something positive and of real value to the town. That ought to be worth 50p

How you can help sustain the paper for Honiton

1 – We ask readers to pay 50p a week for their copy of the paper for Honiton

2 – We ask commercial enterprises to join the paper for Honiton’s supporters’ club – paying £5 a week to help cover the title’s print and production costs. In return for this commitment, these businesses receive a free credit card-size advertisement every week and access to heavily discounted rates for any additional advertising they require. To find out more, call the paper’s business champion, Paul Newman, on 07500 816643 or email

3 – We ask benefactors who see the paper for Honiton as a community asset that brings value and benefit to life in the town to support the project with a donation that will help offset our running costs. There is widespread concern that the retreat of grassroots local journalism is bad for local democracy. The Prime Minister has acknowledged that action needs to be taken to reverse this decline. We believe the paper for Honiton can play its part in reviving traditional local news reporting – but we will need Honiton to support us all the way. If you share our passion to make this newspaper a genuine force for good in Honiton, please make a donation to our ‘fighting fund’.

  • Cheques should be made payable to NEWSCRAFT LIMITED and posted to Tim Dixon, The Paper for Honiton, PO Box 138, Honiton, Devon EX14 0FG
  • Donations can also be made online to the paper for Honiton. BACS details are as follows: Account sort code 20-30-47. Account number 73419967

Tim Dixon

The paper for Honiton launches on Friday, May 4