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Armando hails the press

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25th October 2017

Armando Iannucci, creator of The Thick of It and director of The Death of Stalin, has paid tribute to newspapers for offering depth, clarity and analysis in a crowded media world.

Talking at the Chatham House London Conference, the satirist said there needed to be “more of an appetite and a demand for explanation”.

In a discussion with Robin Niblett, a specialist in international relations and director of the international affairs think tank, Iannucci said: “It is print journalism, the thing that was written off as out-moded, that is setting the agenda in the US, with revelations about Donald Trump, Russia and the election emails, and on Harvey Weinstein.”

He said he found it interesting that newspapers were adjusting to find a role in the digital age – and it was about presenting the facts.

Iannucci has written, directed and produced numerous critically acclaimed television and radio comedy shows. His screenplay for the film In The Loop was nominated for an Oscar at the Academy Awards, and his iconic series for the BBC, The Thick of It, was nominated for 13 BAFTA Awards, winning five during its four-series run. His HBO comedy Veep has picked up numerous awards including two Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series over the last four years, and he is currently adapting a new version of Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield for the big screen. His latest feature film, The Death of Stalin, was released in autumn 2017, and he is publishing a new book on classical music.